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Evaluations/Logic Models

When applying for a grant, often the guidelines established during the application process require an evaluation component.  Alpha Grant Solutions team has experience in evaluating various non profit projects as well as assisting organizations in the budgeting of proposed awards and setting up logic models. 
Our list of evaluation services include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgeting of proposed funds & logic model formation    
    Evaluations are often a component required by a funder in order to approve a grant award.  Alpha Grant Solutions works with an exceptional evaluation staff that will assist in the description of the exact use of awarded funds during the proposal process and will evaluate the use of funds once awarded from the grantor. The benefit of the evaluators input in the preliminary stage is important as they begin the template for the logic model.  Once the logic model is clearly composed, the evaluator and grant writer work together to carefully explain the need for the proposed funds.  
  • Program Evaluation
    Budgeting of awarded funds is critical to potentially receiving the same award in the future.  Alpha Grant Solutions’ evaluation staff will offer their expertise within the approved proposed budget parameters and will work with your organization to refocus the original budget if such a need arises.  In addition to the fund management assistance, the evaluator works with the staff and board members to clearly follow the original logic model, hence stay on track.  The overall goal is to exemplify the proper use of funds to reach the expected goal and potentially be awarded continuously from the same funder.   

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